CPTED Security System for Small Business


There are over 28 MILLION small businesses in the United States and every single on of us needs a security system for small business. You might want to disagree with that statement, but with over 50% of the population working in small businesses nearly every one of us is relying upon self-employed or small business owners to protect our information and our property. Now perhaps security systems make you feel overwhelmed, they’re expensive, inconvenient, complicated, and often they’re monitored by someone you’ve never met who could be hundreds of miles away and couldn’t really be of use in an emergency could they? The truth is, in some situations yes, these are accurate assumptions. But if you know what you’re doing and what good security really requires you can enjoy easy to use and incredibly effective security for very little cost. How is this possible? By applying the letters CPTED or Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design is a school of thought that posits this: your buildings are set up to protect you from weather and natural disaster, they are also meant to protect you from criminal predators. If we follow this school of thought we will find that there are specific steps to implementing natural security through PREVENTION of crime. Just as putting up fake cameras can literally send a criminal packing to avoid being caught, natural surveillance, natural access control, territorial reinforcement, and maintenance, are all environmental ways to protect your business.

Natural Surveillance

The criminal’s first desire is to be ignored. As a matter of fact most simply want to hide, remaining out of site until they can find entry and get at your property. With natural surveillance you provide no place for a lurking crook to loiter. Keeping dumpsters away from the building, trees and landscaping well maintained and away from doorways, and keeping all lights lit so that dark entries and sidewalks are not dangerous to those exiting or entering are some of the best ways to practice natural surveillance.

Natural Access Control

Creating queue lines in your office space, or organizing a row of seats and desks before the office is one way to control access to those who might be managing the valuables. In a bank these policies are definitely practiced to make access to the tellers less direct.

Territorial Reinforcement

It is important to make sure that in your business space it is clearly designated where public space and private space exist. Doing this empowers those who do belong to challenge those who don’t. It also helps clearly define who should and shouldn’t be in certain areas. If a potential thief is poking around where they shouldn’t be, they can be identified and escorted from the premises.


When you start a business one of the most important habits to create is a habit of good upkeep. From trimming the bushes to washing the sidewalks and windows, and of course cleaning inside the office space, you can send the message of attentiveness simply by caring for your property.

The point is, with these policies and methods in place you can clearly send the message to any interloper that they are not welcome and will be dealt with. If you make yourself a hard target in this way, you’re more protected from threat.

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